How to pass inputs to custom immediate delivery service?

Hello All,

I created an immediate delivery service (FTP) and registered it. Now in this service I want to get the FTP parameters: host, post, user, password and path when the service is invoked by TN. I am invoking this in processing rule’s Action: Deliver document by → Immediate delivery → The new delivery service I created.

I did not get any chance to set inputs in the receive partners profile or processing rule. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this (Similar to scheduled delivery service)?


Custom delivery services must conform to a particular service specification. When TN invokes the service, it will pass particular inputs and expect particular outputs. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you need additional control/configuration inputs, the custom service will need to get them from somewhere. I’ve successfully used an XML formatted configuration file in past projects.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks. :slight_smile:

And if I can make the delivery service much like ‘primaryHttp’ or ‘primaryFtp’ which pick destination details from receiver partner’s profile then it will be better (Atleast I need not to update the config file whenever the receive partner changes)


Exactly right. Your custom delivery service can do things exactly like the built-in services, reading from the profiles and such. In fact I forgot to mention that custom delivery services I’ve done always read partner-specific settings from the profiles–sometimes from profile extended fields.

I use config files for protocol, non-partner specific, options.