How to parse email content not on HTML format

Hello Experts,

Seeking for your kind assistance on the below concern.
Do you happen to know how to parse email from webmethods designer not on HTML format?

Currently, this is our setup on our side:

-We setup email listener
-We have a flow to gettransportinfo
-Restore/Save pipeline
-Get MIME contents / parts

We were able to get the email content but it is on HTML format. The plan is to translate this email content to CSV / JSON format. What we did is we tried to convert it to flatfile using convertTovalues service to schema with the HTML tags. However, since the values is inside the table(columns are fixed, rows are not, text and alignment are not the same, there’s some special characters).

So here’s the issue:
we cannot parse it using the schema we created with HTML tags because the HTML do not start with the same HTML tags, well atleast for the data that we need, due to the issue mentioned above. You can see sample screenshot attached.

Do you have an idea how to parse it not on HTML format and convert to CSV or JSON? or any other suggestions please?

Thank you in advance.