Issue in convert to string


While converting data to string with the schema it is converting into string in multiple lines but I want in a single string is it possible for this case, I am providing an example for better understanding

Ex: Name Address PhoneNo EmailID → Header should be like this and
john 1234 98998 → This is the required format I want in my service

----> john 1234 99898 -----> but in output I am getting this

how to get in required format? Any suggestions

Hello Neel,

can you describe your issue in detail please?
It is not clear to me where the problem is.

Also provide your wM version.


Hi Neel,

It’s all depends on how is your FFSchema layout defined during design time and also there are many rude ways to form the convertToString output by the post processing steps as a single line using BIS such as tokenize and makeString services etc…

You may check it out.