How to lock a flowservice?

In webMethods designer 10.15, I want to lock a flow service but the lock for edit and the unlocking options are greyed out. How do I get the service to lock?

Why do you want to lock the service ?
Are you developing in a shared environment with other developers ?
This hasn’t been recommended in quite a while, especially as you can have everything running locally on your own computer.

Controlled by watt.server.ns.lockingMode. Refer to the IS Administrator’s Guide for info.

A shared environment is not the horror SAG and others seem to make it out to be. Comparisons between shared and workstation-with-VCS almost always list the risks/headaches of shared but do not mention the risks/headaches of distributed.

Pros/cons to both. I surely hope that shared environment is not on the target list of future removals.


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