How to implement locking of Flow Service

I have a flow service that is run by the scheduler every 30 seconds. It uses JDBC Adapter Services to access an Oracle DB and read/process/delete records in various tables. We want to run two (or more) instances of this service on separate machines such that when one goes down the other can continue to work and no interruptions will be noticed. One thought was to use locking provided by Oracle on a table (LOCK TABLE mytable IN EXCLUSIVE MODE NOWAIT). If the service is able to get the lock it continues, it not, it terminates. A custom SQL JDBC Adapter Service can lock the table but the lock is removed once the JDBC Adapter Service finishes. 1) Is there a way around this? 2) Is there a better way of achieving locking of flow services? Thanks, Mehdi

Can’t you just have a clustered scheduled task invoke a service that goes against a staging table?