how to launch TN with routeBizdoc?

I can successfully launch TN with routeXml, delivering POAccept and PORequest docs, but I am having trouble getting routeBizdoc to work.

Here is my flow:

  1. MAP (place hardcoded xml for POAccept into a variable)
  2. xmlStringToXmlNode (convert the POAccept xml string to a node)
  3. xmlNodeToDocument (convert the node to an IS doc)
  4. recordToBizdoc (convert the IS doc to a bizdoc)
  5. routeBizdoc (send the bizdoc to TN)

The doc is received by TN but its content is empty. The POAccept doc type is defined in TN, but no bizdoc type is defined.

Any suggestions?

Here is further info re my problem. I am sending a RosettaNet POAcceptance doc to TN. I used a sample doc to configure the doc type in TN and also used the sample to test my flow with recordToBizdoc.

The flow works ok with the following doc content.

<?xml version="1.0"?> ...

The flow also works ok with the following doc content.

<?xml version="1.0" xmlns:xsi="" ?> ...

The flow fails with the following doc content.

<?xml version="1.0"?> ...

So the problem is associated with the namespace. But no tags in the doc are namespace qualified. Can someone explain this behavior?