How to invoke My Webmethods Server business calendar from an Integrated Server Java Service?

What I am attempting to do in a nutshell: I am trying to access the corporate calendar that was created using the administrator login in the My Webmethods Server from a Java service I am attempting to write. The service would take the calendar, (containing workdays, holidays and other time off) and call another service that would take the total days a task has been “alive” (since creation) and subtract the non work days giving a total work days the task has been “alive.”

There is a package under That does have a class ICalendarManager.class, which has a method: getCalendarByID() But I don’t believe this is what I need.

First step of my process: Get the corporate calendar…I am fairly new to webmethods and have absolutely no idea of even where to begin with this, please point me in the right direction!

But I don’t believe this is what I need

This is exactly what you need. Business calendar is one of the two components (another one is the directory services) that workd both in MWS and in IS. Just correctly use the API and you’ll be fine. We use business calendars in the IS without any problems.