How to invoke MWS Business Calendar from IS Service???

Hello, I’ve done quite a bit of research on this and I can’t seem to come up with a solution.

In the workflow, we can define a corporate calendar and feed in the holidays/weekends in it. For calculating the number of pending days in workflow, it will always use this calendar and calculate the business days accordingly.

Is there any way we can access the calender configured in the workflow to calculate the business days from Integration Server? I did not find any API to retrieve this.

Any help/pointers in this regard will be greatly appreciated!!!

In your workflow task/process step can’t you use IS step type which will invoke the flow service?..Have you tried/know this option?

Yes but I am trying to access the business calendar from a service, basically I am trying to figure out how long a task has been in an Inbox minus the holidays from the calendar I set up in the work flow. I can’t seem to find any API that allows me to access the calendar that I created. Any ideas?