New to Java Services, help!

I am trying to access the Business calendar in the MyWebMethodsServer
from a Java Service I am trying to create and I am not sure how to go about
doing this. I found this package:

That has a method: [B]getCorporateCalendar/bwhich returns a business calendar object
but I am not sure how to write this service, Any help/direction would be Greaaatly appreciated!
Also if anyone has seen any good tutorials on the web on how to program something
like this I would be greatly appreciative as I am new to webMethods, THANKS!!!

refer to below API to get more details…

Thanks for the directions to the correct API but I’m still unsure of how to use it. According to the documentation BusinessCalendar has two methods that would probably help. the setCorporateCalendar(Object corpCalendar) and getCorporateCalendar(Object corpCalendar). My question is, using the get method, how do I access the calendar that was already created in the MyWebMethods Server under administrator?