webMethods Workflow Calendar

We are using webMethods workflow 6.5 as a important component to support human interaction in the business process.

In the upcoming release, we need to send reminders and alerts to specific recipients based on the number of days the tasks are pending with a person. Similar functionality was implemented in the workflow in the earlier releases. We want to extend the functionality to support new steps in the business process. However due to some restriction we are not allowed to modify the workflow of the project. We need to send the alerts using Integration Server only.

In the workflow, we can define a corporate calendar and feed in the holidays/weekends in it. For calculating the number of pending days in workflow, it will always use this calendar and calculate the business days accordingly. Unfortunately Integration server doesn’t have a concept of calendar and business days. It will always use calendar days.

Is there any way we can access the calender configured in the workflow to calculate the business days from Integration Server? I did not find any API to retrieve this.

Any help/pointers in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Did you ever have any luck finding a solution?