how to invoke 2 processing rules at the same time

Hello Guys,

I have a requirement where i need to call 2 processing rules for one document type.
But when i try that, the processing rule thats on top of the other in order, will get invoked.
Could somebody help me with this requirement.


Hello Jyoti,

For a single document type - based on other criteria you can invoke different processing rules by keeping the processing rules with most criteria matching up in the order.

If for a document type with all other criteria matching , you need to invoke 2 processing rules, this is not feasible. I suggest you to include both actions in one processing rule.


Hi Charan,

Thank you for your reply.
But my requirement is to send the prod data to lower environment as well.
To achieve this, my idea is to create a processing rule where Sender is Any, Receiver is Enterprise and document type is Selected.
And i created a service which will take the documents and process further.
But as i mentioned, this rule is not getting invoked as there is a separate rule higher up in the processing rule list.
Could somebody suggest if any other way i can complete the requirement.
Thank you.



Processing Rule is designed the way its working. One of the two same processing rules will get fired with higher up the order.

Your requirement is a dynamic routing based on environment and this can be achieved by using common database. Processing service on each environment can read from the same feed.

Ashish Bania