Trading Network Processing rules


This is sri and i am learning webMethods. I have a doubt in the concept of processing rules in trading network.
If the incoming document criteria matches the two processing rules then either one processing rule will be invoked or both will be invoked?
if it is one processing rule please tell me the reason.

can anyone please help me.

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Only one PR will be invoked… first come first serve… first PR matching will be execute and always make sure default PR should be @bottom


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Hi Sri,

For more information , you will find the details in TradingNetwork_Administrator doucenment "
Adding Processing Rules and the Order of Processing Rules"

what is the debuging process in webmethods?

In the developer UI you can use service debugging techniques like:
Trace(F6)/Step (F7) and pub.flow:debugLog and TracePipeline services etc…Check the BIS userguide for more info.

Also in the IS Admin page go to Settings–>Logging many options available (Info/Trace/Warning…) for server level debugging mechanisms.


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i want to use the trading network in clustered environment and also a single shared data base for it,but i am not getting how to cluster the Integration Servers … Ca anyone help me please…

Hi Rajesh…

  1. The two IS instance are sharing the same BrokerServer and brokerClient should be common for both the nodes, then only we can do cluster.
    2.Create the remote server in the setting—> RemoteServer and provide the node details… which do you want to be in cluster.
  2. Enable the cluster goto Setting—>Clustering , provide the values for the parameters Discovery Address ( should be Unique)and Discovery Port.
  3. provide key and value details in extended settings
    a.watt.server.cluster.aliasList= xxx, xxx(Remoteserver names)
    b.watt.server.cluster.aware= true( if u want to enable)
    c.watt.server.cluster.cacheName = xxxx( cluster Name)
    Do the same stuff in both nodes. Please correct me … if any thing wrong in that…

thanks for u reply jeevan…i will try it and see…thanks a lot…

Only one processing rule will be invoked, first come first server,