how to send muiltple xml doc from one trading network to another trading network

how can we send more than one xml doc from one tn to other tn and where we can see the content forwarded to other tn as i am new to tn i dont no much about it so please let me know

Please elaborate your question…Yes multiple XML’s can be routed extracted seperately based on what your needs exactly are you sending wrapped XML’s with same sender/receiver identifier?

Please review the TN userguide for more basic information and KB.


yes i am using same sender/receiver ok its like this i have one xml file that has purchase order another file has example billing data so how do i send it as while creating preocessing rules there i can select two doc to send but when sending from document submission in admin i can only send one file to other tn so if u let me know how to do that sending two xmls and what is wrapper xml and what do u mean by kb as u said it

You need to loop thru you XML’s or break/split logic the XML based on the billing data criteria you were saying and call tn:receive your flow and then TN shows multiple XML’s recognized.

But with out you or your split logic breaks the one XML to multiple how the TN knows it?

So you need to determine and built a split logic (flow) that breaks XML to create multiple XML’s based on the data criteria the source creates it and then route it to TN using custom flows:


since you mentioned you have two different files. just consider that as a two TN documents (Create two documents in TN with two files you have) and route them.

Yes please check our comments above and try that scenarios by Deepan_C as well:

if i create two tn documents for the files then while sending from document sending option available in administrator side i can send only one doc at a time but i want both to go at a time and do i need to create two processing rule or one

Document sending option you mean TN doc submit ? btw which version of webMethods you are using ?

To ans your requirement -

  1. Wrap the two xmls in a single root tag like
.... .....
  1. Create a single doc. type for this wrapped xml
  2. Corresponding processing rule for the above doc type.
  3. Call a service in the actions of processing rule
  4. In the service - implement the logic of
    - splitting the above wrapped xml into two xmls (you can do this using inbuild xml services like nodeiterator)
    - Routing the so formed 2 xmls back to TN, (built in service like routexml)
  5. Create tow TN doctypes for the above 2 xmls, extract the sender/receiver
  6. The delivery method of the receiver will takecare of sending these docs. to the other TN.


kb is Knowledge Base, rmg is referring to empower or wmusers knowledge center

i didn’t get your requirement quite well. why (any use case pls) do you need to send two documents at the same time?
Also why do you use the administrator console. as it is only for testing.

Are the XML document structures are differrent (root tags etc…) then yes you need to have two processing rules with sender/receiver/doctypee criteria.

Again when you say multiple XML in one shot what do you mean and still confusion in your statements…Please follow the above mentioned steps and test your scenarios.