How to install Broker using Command Central


How to install broker using Command Central. There is no template available for installing Broker using composite templates.

Could you please help me in installing Broker using Command Central?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Arpan,

please provide some more informations on the Broker and Command Central versions you are planning to use.

Latest Broker Version available is 9.6 which can be used with wM 9.6 and newer.


Hi Holger,

Command Central and webMethods version is 9.9. I am not sure whether the latest version of Broker is compatible with 9.9 Command Central.

Could you please let me know?

Hi Arpan,

Broker 9.6 is compatible with all current wM Versions starting with 9.6.

But I am not sure about the configuration templates for Command Central (if there is one existing or not).
Might be that there is no such template planned as for the most recent versions UM is the favorized Messaging component.


Broker has been deprecated and will be completely gone by 2020.
The latest version is 9.6 and there was no investment is Broker support since 9.0 release which means it lacks support for major features in Command Central.

The only thing you can do is to install Broker binaries using Command Central but CC will not create Broker Server instance for you, you’ll have to script it yourself.

To install Broker binaries there are 3 options:

  1. You can use ‘broker-bin’ snapshot template from CC Web UI or CLI. If you’re on CC 9.9, this requires Fix2.

  2. You can use CC CLI

# Find out Broker product id
?  ~  cc list repository products content webMethods-9.9_GA | grep Broker
BrokerCAPI                                     API                                    C API                                                      0 bytes
BrokerDotnet                                   API                                    C# API                                                       0 bytes
CommonBrokerJavaApi                            API                                    Java API                                                       3 KB
PZT                                            Apama                                  Apama Adapter for BrokerTec                                    0 bytes
PIFspm                                         Broker                                     Broker                                                            432 KB
PIFSharedBundles                               Broker                                 Broker Bundles                                                   0 bytes
BrokerJMSShared                                Broker                                 Broker Libraries                                                 0 bytes
Broker                                         Broker                                     Server                                                            20 MB
Messaging                                      BrokerTools                            Broker UI                                                        17 KB
DesignerPIFShared                              DES                                    Broker Integration                                               286 KB
EntireXBroker                                  EntireX                                    Broker                                                            110 KB
NUMMigration                                   UniversalMessaging                     Broker to UM Migration Utility                                   0 bytes
PIFDeployment                                  integrationServer                      Deployment Support for webMethods Broker                     0 bytes
# Install broker product

?  ~  cc exec provisioning products dev99 webMethods-9.9_GA install artifacts=Broker
ID      Duration        Status          Progress        Description                                                                                                                                                         Progress Description    Status Description
34            0        SCHEDULED             0        Installing artifacts from repository with id: registered on node with alias: dev99                              SCHEDULED
?  ~  cc list jobmanager jobs 34 -e DONE
ID      Duration        Status  Progress        Description                                                                                                                                                        Progress Description                           Status Description
34          223        DONE        100        Installing artifacts from repository with id: registered on node with alias: dev9    Selected artifacts have been installed.    DONE
The expected values were successfully retrieved after 1 call within 1 second.
# Verify it is installed

?  ~  cc list inventory products dev99 | grep Broker
dev99           dev99-PIFSharedBundles                         PIFSharedBundles                       Infrastructure | Shared Platform | Bundles | Broker Bundles                          
dev99           dev99-BrokerJMSShared                          BrokerJMSShared                       Infrastructure | Libraries | Broker Libraries                                        
dev99           dev99-Broker                                   Broker                                 Broker | Server                                                                      
dev99           dev99-PIFspm                                   PIFspm                                 Infrastructure | Platform Manager Plug-ins | Broker                                  
dev99           dev99-CommonBrokerJavaApi                      CommonBrokerJavaApi                   Broker | Java API                                                                 

  1. You can create custom composite template to include Broker

Here is a sample fragment

     fixes: ALL

NOTE: in the upcoming CC 9.10 it will be possible to invoke shell actions from composite templates which would allow to call broker server instance creation command on the target SPM.


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Hi Sergei,

Do you have an example of how to create the broker instance with 9.10 (template based) ?


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How do we create an instance of a broker using composite template ? I am using wm912. Also how do I apply the license if any ? I am using the following in the yaml.

fixes: ${bk.fixes}

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Please see attached template.

NOTE that Broker is a deprecated product since 9.6. It does not support instance management API in Command Central and thus its instances can not be managed properly like IS, MWS, UM, etc. The example template is a workaround, not a proper solution, but it will stay this way as no investment is going into Broker support anymore.

Please consider upgrading to Universal Messaging which is fully supported from the CC/Ops perspective.

Sergei (1.76 KB)


Thank you, Segei! It is working.

That’s a real pity - particularly as it is the most reliable of all products of SAG’s portfolio.

Best regards,

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