How to implement webDAV on webMethods

Could anyone advise me that can we exchange documents with partners via webDAV on webMethods 6.1 ?
It is said that we can directly read/write or lock/unlock files on server from client. How to implement this function on webMethods?

Does anybody know how to use the WebDav methods with the Integration Server or its service pub.client.http ?



I don’t think it’s even possible w/o hard development, because :

  • some functions are simply missing (lock, properties) so need full development
  • some functions exist but are not fully implemented. The worst example is “Multipart” handling that was very poorly implemented on 6.1 and for which the handler disappeared on 7.1 (I hopened an SR against SAG on the same but got only “feature deprecated and no plan to implement it again” response).

As consequence, I implemented almost everything on a standard Apache / PHP5 webserver communicating with wM thru web services to get wM related data. It’s not a webDAV implementation but some web interface needing strong user interaction w/ some AJAX goodies, … It was faster to develop and more robust.

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we had a webDav client solution using Jakarta slide,
you just need to put its jar under WM IS and write some Java service around it. It’s not too difficult.

But seems now slide project is replaced by jackrabbit,
You can try it out.
hope this helps.