WebDAV on BEA WebLogic?


Is it possible to run Tamino WebDAV Server on BEA WebLogic? Has anyone tried it, and have suggestions… version, config issues, etc.

Less important - is there an alternative to Slide?

John Russo

Sorry for late response!

We, at development, have not tried it out to run Tamino WebDAV Server with WebLogic … but there have been threads on the topic on the Slide-User mailing list. You could try searching for “weblogic” in the archive: http://www.mail-archive.com/slide-user@jakarta.apache.org/.

Alternatives to Slide?
As of today, not for Tamino WebDAV Server … there were, of course, alternatives before we started developing (e.g. DAV4J, mod_dav, … ).
How are you planning to sustitute Slide?

Regards, Peter

As much as I can read in the mentioned threads of the Slide-User mailing list, it shouldn’t be a big problem to deploy “taminowebdavserver.war” into WebLogic. I think, the most important hint related to having the right SP level.