How to hide the link Href or Form parameters in DSP files

With using of webMethods server I would like to develop some web pages where
user have’t any posibility to see the parameters with which I call my internal
services in webMethods server.
As I saw in documentation I can only use GET in POST METHOD but here all
users see the input variables and also links .
But if I call some »dsp« page in webMethods server than the Idata pipline is empty.

This is example of my page with this problem.


[url="racun.dsp?%value REF_DOC_NO%"]%value REF_DOC_NO%[/url] 


Certainly this is not fine if all users see the url with post and get parameters.

  1. Question:
    How I can call the specific page in BC server that input variable
    doesn’t visible when I call that service.
    In initial page is OK because here I of course use %invoke servicename%
    But when I call the other servise from here I must use Get or Post method.

The second problem is the understanding of Session in SAP BC server. How I
Can put the Session variable on server side and then use it in others service
Instend using of Idata variables as input parameters.

I will explain way I need this.

The initial page from where the call came is some jsp page which run on
Tomcat server. The Jsp (server) side cal my dsp page on other server.


In this Tomcat server use servlet and Session variables for passing
between services because this is way how can avoidance the post or get

Now question:

2 How I can send the Session example from Tomcat to BC server and than
how can then I convert it to regular Idata parameters.

Is the only solution get and post method.

  1. How can I also in Java servicu read the Session variable and also in
    flow service.

All logic of verification (user and password and other variables) is on that
Tomacat server and not in side of webMethods server.

I found in documentation some Java Servise (Flow servise) getSession but I don’t
known how I must use it and also this is for session created in BC server :!!

Do you have some suggestion how I can solve my problems.

Something similarity as I cun do in ASP page in Microsoft.

0 then
response.write Err.Number
response.write Err.Description
response.write infonazaj
set prijava = Nothing
response.write prijava.Client
Response.Redirect (“logon.asp”)
set prijava = Nothing
response.write prijava.Client
Response.Redirect (“meni-z977.asp”)
end if
end if%>

How can I do this in dsp page in server side session?

We would appreciate any help greatly.

Peter Zupan
Telekom Slovenije, d.d.

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