How to handle XSD referenced from WSDL

I am trying to generate a webservice descriptor for provider using a WSDL file that refernces multiple xsds.I am getting a WSDexception for the special characters found in the XSD referenced from the WSDL.

[ISC.0042.9201] Incorrect character encoding (char=®; offset=21) 

Any help is aprreciated,thanks

What about editing the imported XML Schemas to remove the special characters?

I have the same problem here! If it is possible to solve elsehow, I would not modify the 3rd party xsls.


You are not going to be able to override the built-in WSDL import function to have it ignore reserved characters. Try either removing the offending chars. or escaping them to get the import to work.

You can also create the equivalent schema by hand. :biggrin: