How to give end users ability to manage document templates

We have a common use case where the end users of our AgileApps applications want to manage their own document templates.

Is there way to give end users the ability to manage document templates other than giving them ability to modify Objects?

This gives them way more "power’ than they should have, but I don’t see any other way to let them manager their document templates.

Creating and managing document templates is not something I want to have my developers do, but without giving end users the ability to modify Objects, I cannot see any other way to do it.

Am I missing anything?

Hi Howard,

Currently there is no way to give access to end users to only manage Document Templates without giving them access to the entire object under which those templates are contained. We can think about this and put it on the roadmap but honestly this will not happen anytime soon.

Alternatively, you can consider designing a separate application which just has document templates and in that you can give complete access to the end users. The submission of a modified template should trigger a workflow where in support team (or development team) takes the new template from the end user via that new application and updates it in the intended application where the end user wanted to update it in the first place, but to which he doesnt have access to.

Hope this helps.