How to get webMethods JAR files from SoftwareAG website?

Hi Folks,

I was trying to find few JAR files required for database connectivity,
I am not sure how to get the JAR files from Software AG website.
Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance


For the drivers used by IS for internal IS tables, the JAR files are installed by the installer.

For drivers used with the JDBC adapter you’d get the JAR files from the DB vendor.

Also which DB are you connecting to Oracle,MS SQL or DB2 ?

I am trying to establish connection between webmethods 6.5 version and mssql server 2005.
Can you tell me, what all supporting files I need to include to make the connection?
Where can I get those files from?

Review the JDBC Adapter guide. It has the information you seek.

Normally you would need this jar file for MS SQL connection placed in the path’s below and restart IS: