how to get user delegated information from MWS in IS

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We have a requirement for getting the user delegated information from MWS in Integration Server. Could you please provide some inputs if there is someone implemented it.



can you please explain in more detail what you want to achieve?

Which version of wM are you runing on?

Please have a look at the IS Administrators Guide as well as the MWS Administrators Guide for further informations about the feature “Central Users Management”, which is meant to have the users only managed in the MWS directroy services and then map some groups/roles from MWS to the ACLs in IntegrationServer, so that users can logon to IntegrationServer by using there MWS password.


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Thanks for the response.

While user is going on vacation he would delegate his roles by using scheduled delegations option in MWS. So if any tasks are assigned to user, his proxy could act on his behalf.

In our application we get the user delegated information from MWS server in portlets. We used task API to get all the delegations made by that user.
The same delegated information need to be retrieved in Integration Server by passing the user id/user alias, thought of checking if there is a way to get such information.

The MWS API used to get all the delegations for particular user is below, this gives the list of rules for that user. The same is required from IS as well.


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My naive approach would be either to pass this information in the calls from the MWS (where the info is available) to the IS as parameters. Or to store the information in some external store (files, DB) where it can also be accessed from within the IS. Or create a small web app which would provide this information (e.g. as a REST service). Install the web app in the MWS and talk to it from within the IS.

We have a Use case on the delegation functionality,Where the user abc will delegate his tasks to xyz for the period of duration(for example:01-08-2019 12 PM to 02-08-2019 12 PM) .this will happen from Angular UI.

I know we have this functionality in MWS UI.But we want to do it from external UI.

I’m trying to search the API in Task engine services reference guide and able to see updateTask will have this.delegatedFromList,delegatedToList But could not able to see any fields available for setting the duration of delegation.Could you please help on this?


what about having the delegate to re-delegate the open tasks back to original responsive?

Or you might consider pertaining a list of active delegations (with duration) somewhere else and when the delegations end redelegate the affected tasks accordingly.