How to get the data send via service

We are developing a reference application. We are sending the document from TN using service. How we can get the data/document on the server where it has been send?

If we are using generic HTTP service from pub folder with $xmldata parameter we are able to process request.

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To have TN deliver a document for you, you don’t need to call yourself. You set up document types, partner definitions and processing rules. With those properly configured, TN will deliver a document via a partner’s delivery settings (HTTP, FTP) when the rule indicates that the document being processed is to be delivered.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please post what your complete process is to be. You may want to review the TN documentation in a bit more detail.

We are creating a request/reply scenario. Where we are sending a document to the partner using Primary HTTP service and waiting for the reply.
I can send the document to the partner.

For the partner side implementation. I am not able to receive the data. In what format the data is send to the partner when its send through I
thought its in the parameter $xmldata but its not the case.

Are you calling directly in one of your services? If you are, you probably shouldn’t be. Instead, you should define a custom delivery service and register that with TN. uses helper services to do the work. For HTTP, it does a post of the document content, setting the content-type to the appropriate value. e.g. text/xml. The partner side will need to handle the content-type that is being sent.

The $xmldata variable is an IS technique for IS to receive XML data via name/value pairs. It doesn’t do this for outbound documents and TN does not do this in its out-of-the-box delivery methods.