How to get the Broker Client Info

please let me no what are the parameters that have to be passed
in this constructor i mean can anyone give me the information regarding the parameter list of this particular constructor

public BrokerClientInfo(java.lang.String new_client_id,
java.lang.String new_client_group,
java.lang.String new_app_name,
boolean new_can_share_state,
java.lang.String new_shared_event_ordering,
int new_state_share_limit,
long new_high_pub_seqn)Create an entry with values set.

should we pass the values or does it get the values from else where

Dear Thyaba,
You need to pass the specified parameters in this constructor.Once you pass these values, it creates aBrokerClientinfo object.You can use it to get information from BrokerAdminClient also.


Puneet Verma