How to generarte User-defined Template and Schema without us

Currently i am working on webmethods v4.6. The software has service packs installed up to date. I got struck in a problem where the clients is sending EDI data in other acceptable DELFOR 96A formats(segments appear in different order).

For e.g.
Customer    EDI segment order
--------    -------------------
1           NAD-LOC-LIN-RFF-QTY
2�����	    NAD-LIN-LOC-RFF-QTY

i am comfortable in the first case. but creates problem in the second case when LOC comes after NAD-LIN.
i am using “getTemplate” service to parse the EDI data.
After using “convertintoValues” service, the parsed data does not appear in the proper order.
Can anyone suggest some solutions? Is there any way to modify template and schema as per the user-requirement without using SEF Files.
Thanks in Anticipation.