How to find Delivery Method Password

When we created the Partner in Trading Networks we gave Username and Password in DeliveryMethod with primary HTTP. Now I want to know the given password,
I checked in TN database but it is encoded. How to find password as I haven’t noted earlier?

I am not sure whether you have the options like “Show passwords” on TN console and not sure about decoding the binary encoded password will give the correct password.

For now I can suggest you to ask your Partner to re-issue the password and have it saved somewhere to avoid this issue again in future.

Lets see whats others comment.


Thanks M@he$h for your reply…

Contacting each partner would be a long process as we have around 12000 partners. We want to collect every partner information.

Try this out- 7-1-1_Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide

Retrieving the Partner’s User Name and Password
The following is the procedure you need to perform to retrieve the partner’s user account
information (user name and password) from your Trading Networks system.
1 Select your partner’s profile. If you need procedures for this step, see “Finding and
Viewing Profiles” on page 582.
2 Select Trading Partners > Show Password.
3 Trading Networks displays the user name and password for this partner profile.
Record the user name and password.

If no joy we can do this

Attach the binary encoded password of a particular Partner and lets see whether we can try to de-crypt using java services. :slight_smile:

Any updates on this Akash. You were able to retrieve the password?

Hi Mahesh,

           I am unable to find [b]Select Trading Partners > Show Password[/b] option. Can you provide the screen shot?

Currently I don’t have the TN console. Can you refer the below guides.
7-1-1_Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide search for Retrieving the Partner’s User Name and Password

Also refer 7-1-1_Trading_Networks_Users_Guide

You can use, then parse the profile/Delivery object (just map it to to get the delivery details, which will have password in plain text.

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Thanks D.C, I got the solution.