How to do the WM Developer work locally

Currently I use WM developer 6.1 and I need to work on a WM server which is far away from me (the connection speed is too slow to work on it)

So is it possible for me to do the WM develope work locally and then export it and transfer it to remote server, how can I do that?

Shall I install a server locally and work on it, does it cost more money?

It depends on your license agreement, but usually the number of development-environment servers are not limited or are set to a sufficiently high number to allow remote development servers to be setup.

Working remotely in a “sandbox” server is often useful to allow developer’s to test code and get it to a fairly stable state before promoting it to a shared development environment.

Lots of things to think through such as how you will release code to the shared development server, how you will backup and check-in to source code control, etc.


I have installed developer 6.1 with integration server , but each time I run the server, it will automatically reset my computer. I don’t know why, is there any instruction how could I setup the “sandbox” server as you said.

I have never seen this behavior in 6+ years of running IS with Developer on PC workstations and laptops. Your computer must have some hardware issue such as bad memory chips to cause this. It’s likely that running IS and developer on your PC uses more of your PC’s memory than usual. If you have some bad memory chips in this higher level memory it might explain why you don’t see this on a regular basis. To fully diagnose, you will have to determine why your PC is crashing by examining the debug files created during the crash.


anyway, I have several computers. So the problem now is how to setup the server, and I can work on it.

is there any manual who told people how to do that? because I have installed one but it has no reaction when I run it.

Documentation for installing and configuring various webMethods components is available on Advantage, which is the webMethods support web site.