How to display .jpg file stored with NonXml in Tamino databa

Hi,I had sored a lot of .jpg file in Tamino database.and the collection is metadata,the doctype is images.
Now I want to show it by java ?How can i do?Is there a demo who can give me?
Thanks !
my thought is it may be like this:

TaminoNonXml tr_nonxml=new TaminoNonXml(“http://localhost/tamino/digital/metadata/images”);
TaminoResult ts_nonxml= tr_nonxml.getNonXML(“http://localhost/tamino/digital/metadata/images”, “l1.jpg”);

Help!Any suggestion would be a happiness!
melon :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I think that you must provide the type of non XML at storage time. The following works for me:

TaminoNonXml nonX = new TaminoNonXml(TAMINO_DB);

String gifFile = “Smiley.gif”;
String saveName = “GIF1”;

TaminoResult tr = nonX.setNonXML(“/ino:etc/ino:nonXML/” + saveName, gifFile, “image/gif” );
ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
tr = nonX.getNonXML(“/ino:etc/ino:nonXML/” + saveName, bos);
tr = nonX.getNonXML(“/ino:etc/ino:nonXML/” + saveName, “recovered.gif”);
System.out.println("recovered: "+bos.size());