How to display .jpg file stored with NonXml in Tamino databa

Hi,I had sored a lot of .jpg file in Tamino database.and the collection is metadata,the doctype is images.
Now I want to show it by java ?How can i do?Is there a demo who can give me?
Thanks !
my thought is it may be like this:

TaminoNonXml tr_nonxml=new TaminoNonXml(“http://localhost/tamino/digital/metadata/images”);
TaminoResult ts_nonxml= tr_nonxml.getNonXML(“http://localhost/tamino/digital/metadata/images”, “l1.jpg”);

Help!Any suggestion would be a happiness!

Hi ,
Maybe this can help you , is a solution for viewing from an applet:
AppletContext ctx = getAppletContext();
String mainframe =“mainFrame”;
URL page_to_show =URL(“”);
On which you can use instead of “mainframe” _blank(a new web page), _self(on the same page), or another frame within the app.
Hope this help
If you need more code or help , please let me know!
Jonathan Saul Torres Diaz

Jonathan Saul Torres Diaz
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You can use a feature of Tamino to serve the documents without query and other hassles. This only works if you know the document/picture you need:




do the job. Note that you have to replace the inoid with the ino:id attribute the picture is stored with. Alternatively you can assign filenames to your documents.

To get the picture stored with ino:id=4 you type


Give this URL to an JLabel with the IconImage, and you’re done.