How to delete duplicate custom attributes from TN?

Hello All,

I have got another problem.We have 2 duplicate custom attributes:as in 2 custom attributes with the same name “DOCUMENT REFERENCE”.

This has led to the following issue:-
I am unable to search for a particular document when its identifier is mapped to DOCUMENT REFERENCE.

For eg. the Pip3A4 document has properitarydocumentIdentifier(PO number) mapped to DOCUMENT REFERENCE.Now when I try to search a particular Pip3A4 document with the DOCUMENT REFERENCE we are not able to do so.

Can anyone help me out?I want to have a duplicate removed without any loss of data and which will result in resumption of normal operation.



I guess there is no functionality available for deleting the doc attribute, however u can disable directly from right click or by using service by, it will take the attributeID and disable it.

PS: obviously you can delete the attribute from tn DB tables.