Duplicate document identification in TN

How to stop duplicate document processing in TN. Is there any setting to be done that when a duplicate document arrives the processing rules are not invoked so as to prevent processing of duplicate document.

No. Your processing rule will always invoke your service. You need to check the various flags in the bizdoc for errors, including duplicate. This way you can send an alert to someone or fire off an e-mail to the sender to say “hey, cut it out.” :wink:

Hi Rob,
Can you tell me precisely which are those flags or fields in bizdoc checking which i could identify a duplicate document.
TN can identify a duplicate document by setting document type >option>check uniqueness; and it logs in Activity log.
But I could not make use of it for duplicate docuent handling.
Can you suggest any solution.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Johnson:

This has been discussed before. This is what WM support said to us:


Provided link is not there in place. Please suggest me how to handle/create the customized duplicate document service.Really thanks for your understanding.