How to define a multiline flat file schema

WM6 - I need to create a flat file that has the first 7 lines contain address information and then lines 8-21 contain 1 or more detail lines (up to 14). Can I use the flat file schema to create this? If so, how do I specify that address info should go to a specific line?

For each of the Address lines and Detail lines, you need to specify in the setting that you can have multiple records. Once you do this, when a flatfile comes in, 2 records lists will be created automatically.

Yes you can do this with the Flat File Schemas. I think your schema will have to specify 2 sub records. Record 1 is the address and can repeat up to 7 times. Record is the detail lines and can repeat unlimited amount of times.
You will probably have to play around with the structure of the schema to get it exactly as you require.

Review the WM EDI Users Guide, WM Flat File Schema Developers Guide and have a look at the WmEDISamples and WmFlatFileSamples packages for examples.

If I’m off base someone else will chime in.