How to customize ftp file name for Trading Networks outbound

I’m using Trading Networks in webMethods 8.2. Could anyone shed some light on how to use my own filename for delivering file to a partner?

I’m currently using the ‘Deliver document by’ action with ‘Immediate delivery’ as delivery type and ‘Primary FTP’ as delivery method in the processing rule. But the file delivered to the target ftp server has a name like 501828007gc4bfuk0000012d.xml. This is not conformant to our requirement.

Is there any way to provide a customized filename to the processing rule?


Create and register your own ftp delivery service. This gives you total control of your delivery.

Thanks joh.

I think I need to have a try on the custom delivery service. Just still not sure about two points:

  1. whether it can have the same ‘reliable delivery’ feature of the built-in delivery service, i.e. that retry feature

  2. whether I need to write one separate custom delivery service for each TN document type I have. Actually, I have many TN document types, which have different contents and different file names (with similar format) _.xml, such as file1_201301081020.xml, file2_201301081400.xml.


  1. Read 8-2-SP1_Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide.pdf chapter 17 how to build delivery services. The service will use the task engine as any other delivery task and if you set the correct output( of your service the TN retry functionality will work.

  2. Create one delivery service with inputs such as:
    – host

These inputs will be available in TN/MWS when the service is registered and you choose your service as preferred protocol in partner profile. I would use a service to replace a variable in your filename with the timestamp. Your filename in the MWS would look like file1_{timestamp}.xml

Hi joh, your advices are really appreciated. They sound like quite promising to unblock my work.

Hope, on the other hand, webMethods TN can provide dynamic ftp filename support in the future to make things elegant.