how to create groupId's in Trading Networks

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As we know that in order to send a document to multiple parterns we should have groupId. Could anyone explain how to create groupId’s in TN. I tried, but understood how to create a group Name but still not clear about the creation of GroupID’s.


Can anyone please share your valuable inputs here … Thanks in advance

profile groups are to group the profiles and use them in processing rules. like if you have to invoke a common service for a particular types of document for a group of customers (or form a group of customers).
but as far as i understand, one document in trading networks can be sent for one customer by default (other customer will have a different receiver id and technically that is a different document). you have to create multiple copies of the message (with different receiver) for different partners.


Hi DC,
Thanks for your insight. As you know in TN, we can sent a document to more than one partner. i.e, there are certain docs which we want to sent more than a customer. In this case we have a create a group, add all the concerned partners as part of it and have to configure the details in a normal fashion.

Shaik, how will you resubmit/reprocess for individual partners in case of failures related to one of the partner in the scenario you explained. As far as i can see profile groups cannot be used for the purpose you mentioned.

But please do update this thread if it works for you.

your point is valid and i agree. In case of any failures with a specific client, then i do prefer to send the document manually to that only partner. I believe, we do come across situations where we have to send the docs to multiple partners. Please shed some light if there are any other ways to achieve it.


you could do it in multiple ways, two i can think of is

  1. before routing the document to TN, get all the members of the profile group and route one document per partner.
  2. after routing the document to TN, get all the members of the profile group in the processing service and deliver to each partner.