how to create custom date JCR control in CAF

Hi All,

I want to create custom date JCR Control and use in all the developements of projects and should be used by other developers in CAF developments.

Presently CAF provide date control it shows current month and current year calender to select,it has forward and backward button >> and << for years and for months it has buttons to navigate to respective year and respectve months calender selection problem with this control if i want select jan 1978 year calender i need to click so many clicks on < button for jan month calender,

here i would like to provide drop down for years and another dropdown for months selection instead of >>,<<,> and < buttons., and should show calender respective month or year selection in dropdown., and shold have same properties of date control.

can any one help to get this requirement to creat custom date control and should use in all my CAF developments and should available to all developers in their designer palette environment.

i think i need to write java class using ajax ,xml,HTML and JSF tags using JSR 168 specifications and make it to plug-in.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Currently, CAF has a few options for code reuse including Portlets, Templates and Snippets.

You’ll probably need to try a few experiments to decide which technique will work the best for your requirements.