How to create a Web application


i think you should use output templates to get the result in html format.
check out Dynamic server pages and output templates developers guide.that will help you.


thanls ramesh,

I’ll check this out

Hello ramesh (and every body),

Well, I found many things regarding the Web Services, but this uses a specific format (based on XML and so on) wich I can not use in this project.

My project is regarding a migration from an old plateform to WM, hence the customer who sends us the datas must not change anything but the target URL to us and is expecting to receive from us the very same things as he used to (redirect blank page).

To compare with Java, I want to do something like
public void service(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse res){ sortie = res.getWriter();
sortie.println(“html page code”);
My question remains.

Thanks for your help(s) !

ok I got the answer.

All is very well described in the “DSPandTemplatesDevGuide.pdf” documentation (check page 37 for example)


Yemi Bedu