How to create a space alert in ADABAS files

how to create a space alert in ADABAS files.

I work at Mainframe Z/OS 2.1 and I need to receive alerts about files, processes, user etc. etc.

Can any colleague help me?


Optimize for Infrastructure (O4I) offers several KPIs regarding Adabas space or extents. You can define rules for any KPI as needed and fire an action if the rule is violated.

Alternatively you may also use Adabas Statistics Facility (MF tool). It monitors the sizes and other Adabas values as well. You can define critical reports which list the DBs/files violating the defined rules. The result may also send as e-mail.


Please check the Adabas documentation. Adabas itself also provides “space” alerting via console.
You can decide whether only you want to monitor Adabas, or your environment. For the latter
scenario Optimize for Infrastructure is perfect.