How much an adabas files in megabits?

There is some utility that gives me a report of the size in magabits of each of the Adabas files, I have tried with ADAREP but there is some other option, since in my databases there are too many files.

Thank you.

Mainframe Z/OS.

I do not know a utility that does this, here where work i created a natural program that read ADAREP and records the information of the files in e write in file Adabas, size, we have estimates of cylinders, free/used, and a field calculated in MB of the Databases and files.
space.txt (9.78 KB)

Thanks, Claudemar Martins.

I will generate an ADAREP LAYOUT = 1 and the output work file I will extract the data from used cylinders plus free cylinders to obtain the total space occupied by the file, I use the “Power Query” program, you know some other software to extract data from a text file. ??

The ADAREP output in a dataset, and make an FTP of that dataset to your PC, in my case i created a natural program, I write the ADAREP into a dataset, and run a natural program to do a filter of what I gave the dataset ADAREP and write the information into a database file.

Do you use Natural in your Environment? Which version?

We have installed in ADABAS V8.2 and NATURAL v8.2.4.6 in an environment of Manframe Z / OS

What is your email address to send you the natural program, the view, the jcl that we created to monitor the space of the files and databases - it is simple - we run ADAREP and with a natural program it makes a filter of the space database and files

Agradesco your help, I send you my email

Email sent;

Claude - an option is to share your code by uploading the source code to the tech forums - see for more information. Once there, the code can be seen and downloaded by any forum members.

I think the code you have created will be appreciated by many others.

After Fernando Zarazua Vilchis implement share yes