How to create a Fix Image in Update Manager?

Hello Everyone.

I’m trying to Update some of my webMethods products using the Software AG Update Manager by reading the “Using_SAG_Update_Manager_for_10-0_and_later.pdf” September 2018 documentation. Is this the latest version of this documentation?

At the page 32, the manual describes how to create a fix image, saying this:

“On any online machine, start Update Manager, and then choose to Create or add to an

But this option doesnt exist in my Update Manager menu, only the options in the attached screenshot.

Please, how can I create a Fix Image with the latest fixes and use it in my other servers?

Thank you.


did you try the command line interface already.
UpdateManagerCMD.bat -createImage C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ -imagePlatform LNXAMD64

In case you need older versions of the fixes than only the latest used:
UpdateManagerCMD.bat -createImage C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ -imagePlatform LNXAMD64 -showAll true

On Linux just replace “.bat” by “.sh”.

you should read the documentation about your concrete SUM version.
If it is SUM v11 should read the “Using_SAG_Update_Manager_for_11-0_and_later.pdf”

When you start SUM in CMD you should see:

"Select the action to perform.

Connectivity status - Offline

Fix Management:

  1. Manage Fixes
  2. View fixes
  3. Create image (Only in online mode) -->> You should go in online mode if not already set to…
  4. Create inventory

A) Advanced Options

C) Connectivity Options

N) Next B) Back X) Exit"

Please, let us know if you have further questions.