How to connect to webMethods from Apama

Hi All,

As part of a POC I am trying to connect Apama with webMethods so that we can pull/push some data to webMethods.

Can you someone please guide me how can I achieve this with procedure if any.


Hi Venkat,

I actually use JMS (Universal Messaging, UM) to transfer eventdata to Integration Server.

Maybe this steps will help you:

  1. Define the document structure (XML and a IS Document Type) for your data/event.
  2. Define a “Sender Mapping Configuration” in “Event Mapping” in “JMS Correlator-Integrated Adapter”
    Add an event to JMS Message entry an customize this: I use Text Message (context menu: “treat as XML”) for my JMS Body. You should create a Queue or a Topic in UM.
  3. In IS you create an JMS Trigger and a Service to handle your Message.
  4. Send event in Apama.

There are some more possibilities to transfer data to IS, e.g.:
File Adapter (medium: filesystem)
JDBC Adapter (medium: database)
Distributed Memory Store (medium: Terracotta cache)



Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for the reply.

Your information is very much helpful.

How / where can I get information about transferring data using distributed memory store.


Hi Alexander,

I got the information about distributed memory store.

I have another query,

I have Apama , UM, Terracotta & webMethods installed on UNIX platform. Now I am trying to develop project on Apama studio which is on whindows, in which I need to connect to UM, webMethods & Terracotta as well from Windows.

What are all the configurations I have to do and which configuration files I have to edit to communicate with UNIX environment.

Please guide me to implement this set up.