How can I deploy an Apama project from windows to UNIX

Hi All,

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I have developed an Apama project on windows. Now I want to deploy that to UNIX environment. How can I deploy my entire project.

I have to do it manually where should I place the project ( zip file ) on UNIX platform installation directory / work directory.

I have seen the documentation where there are options for deploying dashboards, data servers… etc. But I want to deploy my entire project on to UNIX platform.

Please share your inputs.


Hello Venkata,

To run Apama project on UNIX, you cannot use Apama studio version of the project, since Apama studio is not supported in UNIX.

In you windows Apama studio, select Export > SoftwareAG > ANT Project. This will export your Apama project as ANT project, which can be directly run without Apama studio either on windows or on UNIX.

Then you can copy the ANT exported directory to your UNIX system and change the .properties files of Adapters with correct values (like hostname, installation directory locations for JMS and Distributed Mem store adapters)

On UNIX, first run “source” present under /Apama/bin in a console. In the same console, use “ start” and “ stop” options to start and stop Apama project respectively.


Hi Chandra Babu,

Thank you very much for the information.

Is there any specific location ( directory path ) to copy the project on UNIX or we can copy any where in Apama work directory.