Apama Jenkins Integration


I would like to know about the process in integrating apama git source code to Jenkins for automatic build and deployment.


You can create your jenkin job using following steps to deploy and run apama project nightly

Step-1: deploy apama project.

a) create an ant build.xml script to build any Java (or C++) plug-ins needed for your project. You can use engine_deploy command line to create a directory containing all the files needed to deploy the project.
For example: engine_deploy --outputDeployDir C:/MyDeployDir
When you use this tool to generate a deployment directory, it copies all required files from the project into a deployment directory. It also generates all required YAML configuration files and properties files using the information that is currently defined in the project’s launch configuration

b) You can also use Ant to generate a correlator deployment directory or a correlator deployment package.

The recommended approach for script-based deployment of Apama is to use an Ant script, making use of the Ant macro definitions provided in the apama-macros.xml file. You can find this file in the etc directory of your Apama installation. Software AG Designer has an Ant export wizard that can generate a simple Ant script for deploying your Apama project. See Exporting to a deployment script for more information.(http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/onlinehelp/Rohan/Apama/v10-3-1/apama10-3-1/10-3-1_Using_Apama_With_Software_AG_Designer.pdf)

step-2: Run the project from CI tool such as jenkins, i.e, start a correlator configured to use your project.

After all output has been generated, you use the correlator tool with the --config option to start the correlator
For example: correlator --config C:/MyDeployDir

For more details you can refer Apama documentation in your install dir or in community (http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/onlinehelp/Rohan/Apama/v10-3-1/apama10-3-1/10-3-1_Deploying_and_Managing_Applications.pdf)
– Deploying and Managing Apama Applications >> Correlator Utilities Reference >> Deploying a correlator)
– Deploying and Managing Apama Applications >> Overview of Deploying Apama Applications >> About deploying Apama applications with an Ant script

Automation using pysys test framework:

We also have support for PySys test framework to test Apama applications developed with EPL. Apama includes extensions to PySys that let you test correlators, IAF components, EPL injection, sending and receiving events, and similar operations. The PySys framework can start adapters, which enables you to perform end-to-end testing of an entire system. Samples for how to use PySys are in the samples\pysys folder of your Apama installation.To run apama correlator deployment tests, which you can include in your CI job, that just needs run apama_env, then run command ‘pysys run’. You can find the steps in detail in README located in \samples\pysys