How to connect LDAP users to Command central

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I have a new 9.8 set up and installed CCE on one of the development server. I am able to login CCE console with Administrator. Now LDAP users should connect to CCE. So anyone please explain me with steps how this authorization/configuration can be done.

I saw jaas.conf from previous forums and even CCE help guide but i am really not familiar with CCE as i am setting up this for first time.

You don’t need to manually modify JAAS config file or any other config files.

CC 9.9 provides Web UI to configure LDAP for CC (and for IS) in a consistent way.
Please see:

page 11-13 are related to LDAP setup
page 4-5 and the video below is how to get CC 9.9 quickly setup on your system

You can keep the rest of the landscape at 9.8 or any 9.x version and manage it with CC 9.9 (and CC 9.10 that is going GA in a couple of weeks)


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we don’t have installer for 9.9 so we need to configure ldap on 9.8 only.

anyone find the steps to configure ldap on 9.8.