How to configure TN to send to 2 separate posting url in the same TN profile

Currently, we have a Trading partner (single DUNS) that have multiple RosettaNet PIPs relationships. And the trading partner has 2 separate posting url for separate Pips. For example,
Pip 1 -> URL 1
Pip 2 -> URL 2
Since DUNS is the unique key in TN, how can TN be configured to differentiate at Pip level which url to post the document to?

I think you will have to setup 2 processing rules one each for a Pip. Correspondingly, for the trading partner, you can setup 2 delivery protocols making use of the primary and secondary http delivry methods. Specify the appropriate delivery protocols in each of the processing rule. If you want to add more http links, then we have to build our custom delivery service and register it in TN before we can create a delivery protocol.

Hopefully, others might have a different idea if this doesnt work for you.