Working with Primary and Secondary Http for one Trading Partner while Using EDIINT AS2


I have a query on delivering data to customer with two delivery URL’s set (Primary and Secondary Http) in a partner profile delivery settings.
We are delivering via EDIINT AS2.
I configured both URL’s and set the Primary HTTP as preferred protocol. Now I doubt how the delivery method that set in extended fields for the EDIINT field group work. If I configured Primary Http as delivery Methods for EDIINT (In extended fields).

In this case how will secondary http work? What will happen if I set the Delivery Method to Blank(empty)Will it accept any delivery methods?

Thanks In Advance

You would need to setup a second processing rule to leverage secondary Http that has criteria based on the user status, such as ‘ALT_DELIVERY’.

Then in the case of delivery failure via ‘Primary’, you could force the user status to “ALT_DELIVERY” and then trigger the biz doc to be reprocessed. That would then trigger your alternative processing rule and hence attempt the delivery via Secondary.

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Thanks a lot John.

I will implement the same.

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