how to configure proxy server

Dear all,

        i struggled in understanding  the Adminguide for configuring proxy server settings. And also i wish to know how to work/invoke services using this. please explaing. Thanks in advance.



which version of IS are you working with and what specific part you didn’t get ?

You could use either client:http or pub.remote folder WmPublic services for Invocation once you setup Proxy Servers configuration via ISAdmin Settings screen.


Thanks for your reply. I am using IS 6.5 in AIX.
i confgiure my IS with http proxy settings. Then i want to know how to use it? what is Proxy Bypass.

After you configure, let’s say a proxy for HTTP, all the http calls you make will go through the proxy server. The exceptions to this are the servers you mention in the Proxy Bypass.

Can you give a example with inovke URL.