MWS MFT, proxy config of virtual folder

Hello Everyone,

I am glad you are interested in this topic and help me solve this problem. Thanks a lot.

I am trying to create a virtual folder of MFT in My Webmethods.
Navigate → Administration → Integration → MFT → Virtual Folder Management
But when I configing a SFTP virtual folder with proxy, the proxy select always empty.

And I already added proxy alias in Proxy Management.
And changed mft.client.outbound.useProxy property to true.

Did I miss something?
How could I create a MFT Virtual Folder via proxy?
WM Version 10.3


For SFTP VFS, it will pull only SOCKS and HTTPS proxy configured. This can be one reason that no proxy is shown in the drop down, in case you haven’t configured proxy of these types.


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