How to change the workplace "default content page" after the workplace has started

We have to start our workplace with an HTML showing a hello message inviting the user to choose a login option from the function menu (left panel of the workplace’s frameset), and enter his authentication information (user and password).
We are using the “defaultcontentpage” option (from the bootstrapinfo file) to inform the name of this HTML which has to be displayed at the content panel when the workplace starts.

After that, we have to have another “defaultcontentpage” in our workplace, considering that the authentication was already performed.
In this case, we have a different one “defaultcontentpage”, inviting our user to choose any option from the function menu (which was completely changed – showing to the user the enterprise systems options. Note: now the function menu doesn’t have the “login” option).

Since our user can close all open windows in the content area, when pressing the “close all workplace windows” button (from the Active Functions frame), we have to set a default content page which have to be coherent to the workplace configuration at its exhibition.

We think we have at least two ways to have it working as we need…
The first one is to set the second HTML page (that which invites the user to choose any option from the enterprise systems options) as the default content page, and deal with how to start a HTML at the workplace content frame at its start.
The second one is to set the first HTML page (that which invites the user to choose the login option) and, after the user logins to the system, change the default content page.

As we couldn’t see any way to solve the above questions, we ask for your help.


maybe you found already some good solution.
The default content page is usually a static HTML page (Image/background…). At the moment there is no way to change this from within Natural applications. Not sure if you really need to dynamically change the “default contentpage” to achieve what you want.

Here are some ideas:

Idea 1

When starting the workplace a Popup Dialog is started at the beginning. In this Popup Dialog you ask for user name and password.
After the popup closes you can set a corresponding function tree using the NJX:XCIWPINFO2 control

A variation of this would be to start the workplace with a simple function tree with mainly 1 node for the login. Instead of opening a popup automatically, the user has to click on this.

Idea 2

Start you workplace. Immediately after workplace start: Open a contentpage with your login informations. This contentpage will actually cover the default content page. Only after closing the “login page” the default contentpage will be visible. If I understand your scenario from a users point of view this would have the same effect as replacing the defautl content page.

Sorry for the late answer. Please let me know if you have found a good solution and …I am curious which one you choose…

Thanks + Best Regards,

Hi Christine,
Thank you for the hints! Sorry, but I ended up not using a very creative solution: I used only one page message to the “default content page” that would meet both the needs of the user: before login and after they have accessed the system. I have here something similar as your “Idea 1” with the “variation”.