How to change the package name

How can we change the package name without affecting its folders and the dependent services.Also how do we change the DSP of the package?


You can’t change the name of the package - the work around is to create a new package with the desired name and then move all the folders and services from the original package into the new one. Since the Package Name is not a part of the namespace, this should work.

As for the default dsp of the package - go to pub folder of the package and replace the index.dsp.

HTH, Rohit

move in the sense we can copy/cut paste right.

And if i want to change the folder name.right click on the folder, change the name and update the dependents.does that be all or do we have to do something else too.

What about the references? do we have to change it manually or there is any auto update?

I think Rohit means is to use the ‘cut’ the package and move it newly created package with the desired name.

This would automatically update all the Dependents of the services/documents inside the package.


When you Drag and Drop any flow or Java service from the Old package’s folder into new package’s folder, it waill ask you, “Update Usage”, click yes, and it will take care of updating the refrences in all the services.

Thanks guys