Display Services and APIs information via Package Homepage

products versions - webMethods Integration Server version: 10.15 and above


In Integration Server Administrator, you can display the package information. Each package has its default home page with the “Welcome to the Home Page for the <Package Name> Package.” static text.

Now, Integration Server provides a service to update the existing home page of a custom package with a new User Interface with the following information:

  • Basic package information
  • Executable Services, which has comments
  • Provider Rest API Descriptors (RADs) in the package

This article explains how to update a package home page for custom packages using the pub. packages: updateHomePage service.


Ensure that Integration Server has a custom package created or installed to try this new home page.

See webMethods Built-In Services Reference Guide to know more about pub.packages: updateHomePage service.

Use case #1: How to change the existing home page with the updateHomePage service

Consider the use case where you have a custom package with REST API Descriptors (RAD) and services.
Following image shows the structure of a sample package:


Basic flow

  1. Start Software AG Designer.

  2. Run the pub.packages:updateHomePage service under WmPublic package with packageName and replaceHTML as true as depicted in the following figure:

    After executing the service, you can see the output as:

  3. In Integration Server Administrator > Package Management, click the home icon to view the new home page. The new home page appears:

  4. Click Explore to see the package related details, executable services, and RADs in the package.

  5. To download the RAD document in JSON or YAML format, click on icon_ellip icon in the RAD as shown in the following figure:

    You can see the page last generated date and time as shown in the following figure:

    The generated page can be viewed offline by opening Integration Server_directory \instances\instance_name\packages<package Name>\pub\index.html.

    The new home page can be accessed by an anonymous user. However, to update or overwrite the page, you must be an administrator or a developer to execute the service through Designer or the new home page.

Use case #2: How to update documentation from Administrator

Consider the use case where there are some changes in the custom package in Integration Server such as adding a new service or updating the package information after creating the new package home page using the steps mentioned in Use case #1.

Basic flow

  1. In Integration Server Administrator > Package Management, open the package home page.

  2. Go to Explore Tab and click icon_reload.

    The regenerated home page appears with the latest changes without affecting the manual changes in the index.html done by a user.

Use case #3: How to generate documentation from Designer

Consider the use case where you have a custom package with RAD and services that has comments.

Basic flow

  1. Start Software AG Designer.

  2. Right-Click on the package for which you need to generate the new home page.

  3. Click Generate Package Documentation.

    In the Generate Package Documentation dialog box that appears, click OK to update the current package home page. The manual changes in index.html will not be retained after clicking OK option in Generate Package Documentation dialog box.

    The package documentation is generated.

  4. In the Package Documentation Status dialog box that appears, click the URL to see the package home page.


Use case #4: How to hide the sensitive data from the new home page

Consider the use case where you have a new home page for custom package created using the steps mentioned in Use case #1. Integration Server hides sensitive data such as the last updated date, build number, and package creation date from anonymous users or after user session expiration. However, you can display the sensitive data to an anonymous user using the watt.server.documentor.restrictAccess server configuration parameter.

For more information, see webMethodsIntegration Server Administrator’s Guide.

Basic flow

  1. In Integration Server Administrator, go to Settings > Extended.

  2. In Extended settings, search and edit the watt.server.documentor.restrictAccess parameter to true.

  3. Execute the pub.packages:updateHomePage service for the updated settings to reflect in the existing home page.

  4. Skip the login prompt to view the page as an anonymous user.

    In the Explore tab, you can see only limited package information and there is no icon_reload icon.

    In Services tab, you can see only the service names. You cannot see the fully qualified service name.

    Similarly in APIs, you cannot see the provider RADS’s qualified name and schemes/server dropdown in the anonymous mode.

    The changes to the watt.server.documentor.restrictAccess parameter is valid only if you execute the pub.packages:updateHomePage service.

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