How to change passwords IS & MWS

Purpose: This sections helps in understanding of how to change passwords for the user accessing IntegrationServer and MWS
As we all know By default the password for user ‘Administrator’ would be ‘manage’. Please follow the steps below to know ways to change passwords.

Steps to do in IntegrationServer

  1. Login to IntegrationServer admin console using existing username and password. Lets consider now the username is ‘Administrator’ and password is ‘manage’
  2. Navigate to Security - Users and Groups
  3. Select the username from dropdown list (Administrator)
  4. Click the link (change password) on the page
  5. In Change Password section enter your new password for fields NewPassword Confirm Password
  6. Click Save Password
  7. Logoff the IS session and relogin with your new IS Password for the user Administrator

Steps to do in MWS

  1. Login to MWS admin console using existing username and password.
  2. Navigate to My Profile - User Administration section
  3. For the userid logged in enter your new password for fields
  4. Password Confirm Password
  5. Click Apply
  6. Logoff the session and relogin to MWS console with your new password for the user Administrator


I’m getting the following error when changin the password in the Integration server.

(IS.SERVER) [ISS.0053.53.2] 2011-08-06 10:35:30 AST FATAL: Access denied for user Administrator on port 5555 -> ‘invoke/wm.server/ping’ from

I already changed the password on the WMTaskClient and WMMonitor package home page? Is there any other place I should change configuration?

Below listed are few things that has to be considered after changing Administrator password…

1. MWS > Administration > System-wide > Users
2. MWS > Administration > My webMethods > System Settings > Task Engine Settings
3. IS Administrator > Package Management > WmMonitor home
4. IS Administrator > Package Management > WmTaskClient home



In MWS 10.3 getting below exception during default password change for user ‘Administrator’

I am pretty sure entering the right password.

[POP.001.0002] A “” occurred with the Message "Unexpected Error: [POP.003.0141] The username/password you entered is invalid.

Strange! did you try from “sysadmin” portal, if that works?

Also, i think it can also be changed via “xmlImport.xml” as I remember doing it for “SysAdmin”

Are you trying to change password on IS or MWS?